Monday, January 7, 2013

First Week of the New Year

Oi! Family and Friends!

So we just had the first week of 2013 done and gone. And it was actually pretty good for me and Elder McAllister. So yeah on Tuesday we went to the beach with all the missionaries which was super fun, made me miss home though haha. First walking through the city made me feel like I was in LA and then at the beach is where I would spend the summers with my friends back home. But its all good. We had good hamburgers and such, played on the beach and all that fun stuff. I'm practically black here with my tan haha;) 

But anyways then we were able to sit with a good amount of people, and even got some new investigators that were tender mercies of the Lord. For example we passed by this one girl´s house to teach some of her family but no one was home, right before we left though, her older sister showed up and we were able to teach her. We also taught this guy named Sabino who seems pretty sick, and hopefully he will take off in the gospel. Yesterday we had lunch at the Branch President´s house, we had rice, funge, sauces etc. Funge is an interesting food, and I've only had one type called funge de bom-bom. 

After we taught this new investigator named Doudie and his wife, and we just taught them simply the second lesson because they are very heavily involved in their church IEBA and we just need to build their trust before we go into the Restoration and kind of blow their church out of the water. But anyways after our lesson they asked us if we wanted to stay for a cup of water, and we said yeah. Turns into a meal of rice, beans, and this delicious meat and ice cold Manga juice. It was so good. Haha that would never happen back home, complete strangers just feeding you and talking around the table. It was super good though. Overall a very solid week. 

Oh yeah and on New Years we just stood up until midnight playing a card game and thats about it haha. And this is the last week of the transfer so we will see what happens to me. Could stay in Viana, could go anywhere who knows. But yeah there is a specific date of my release date and its the 29th of May of next year. And I haven't mailed a card yet because I cant find an 8GB card and I need this card to send pictures still so yeah. And boxes have yet to come as well, which is sad but I have faith! haha. 

Sounds like Mammoth was a blast for the whole family, and I'm glad that everyone had a good time, even Ridgely;) That's crazy that Anae is coming back, but we need some results now so hopefully he will overcome his faults from his last couple of years with BYU and give them a boost this next season. And I'm glad that BYU BB is starting off strong in conference, what's the latest on recruiting? Also with Jabari? 

Well hope everything is going well with everyone and that this new year will be good for all of us. It's gonna be interesting what's gonna happen next Monday haha. Love you all and thanks for all the support while I'm out here sweating it out in Africa! haha.


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