Monday, January 28, 2013

Pretty Crazy End of the Week

 Oi! Family and Friends!

Well this week was pretty interesting and had ton of things happen. But for those first days it was bad. Everyone falling through, nothing getting set up and planned, no one to pass, those are the worse days. But this end of this week was eventful. First, on Wednesday I lost our phone in a taxi. It slipped out of my pocket in the taxi and I didn't realize it until it was too late. We thought we would never see it again. But we were able to talk to this lady who agreed to meet the next day in Golf 2 to get our phone. Which meant waking up early like 5:30 to get there. Luckily we got a free ride from this funny couple to Golf 2. But we got our phone back, but we had to pay 5 bucks for it back, lame. 

Second on Thursday, Elder Pimental arrived and he is now living with us. He is from Brazil, and he doesn't speak English, so I feel bad sometimes telling stories to the other missionaries, that I can't describe in Portuguese, but I'm trying my best. He is super cool though. The night he came, me and Elder McAllister were at Bom Preco getting something and we ran into this drunk at the store who spoke English. It was quite funny, his name was Jimmy, and he would just tell these same stories and ask the same things over and over again. And these ladies were so concerned for us because they thought he was going to try to rob us, but he was harmless. 

Then on Saturday we had our best day in a long time, 4 other lessons, 3 references received, 5 contacted, and 5 new investigators. It was super good, and super tiring as well haha. During one of those lessons, we were teaching Emmanual and his brothers, and were sitting under this mango tree. Midway through the lesson this huge mango, bigger than my hand falls and hits me in the back as I'm leaning over. It just made this huge thud sound, and it felt like someone had punched me in the back with all their might. Haha interesting huh? 

Also we were meeting up this guy named Ocean, and we were meeting him at like duskish time, the sun was still out. And we were meeting near this Praca, and these ladies were really worried for us. They were telling us we needed to leave and get a taxi, because this was a center of robbers and bandits apparently. We eventually get picked up by him, and these ladies are mad at him for having us meet him there. And we asked if it was really dangerous, and he was like yeah kinda, so we are for sure not gonna be out there at night. 

Sunday was really good, had 106 people at church, and a good number of investigators as well. We went to the Smedos for lunch, had a pasta dish, and that snack of a pig leg, that you just cut some meet off and put it on some bread. Then President Thompson and Sister invited us over for dinner, so me and Elder McAllister went and had a really good time. It was a really good time just us two and them, and Sister Thompson made a really good dinner and a dessert. We had some interviews which I always love having interviews with President, because he always has something to say that helps me out. 

Well they drove us home, and right before we get home, a car hits us. We were in the middle of the road waiting to turn left into our condominium, and this guy passes us on the right, and he clips his back bumper on this grill on President´s car and tears half of it off. He gets out of his car mad, really mad. President takes off, trying to lose him, even though it wasn't our fault. They start chasing us. President hangs a hard right trying to lose them, and then we look back and they're coming fast. We start slowing down, the guy gets out of his car with his children, jumps on our hood to stop us, slamming on the window and trying to rip off the windshield wipers, as well as the wife drives the car in front of us to corner us. They start yelling at us and such, and we pull into this parking lot to talk, and then I just take over. I'm talking and arguing and sometimes a bit yelling at them in Portuguese. And I was just getting mad, because they were disrespecting Sister Thompson, and I thought that the wife was going to hit Sister Thompson. The wife was the most riled up about it, but the husband eventually calmed down. It was totally their fault, but they tried to put the blame on us. The wife wanted to call the police but the husband didn't want to deal with it. I was so fed up about it at the end, that I was just like, ok we think your at fault and you think we are at fault, what are we going to do? And the guy said apparently nothing since you guys don't think you did anything wrong. And I said "exactly, nothing is gonna happen just like we wanted in the first place". They drove off, and that's about it. My red side of my personality was out in full force, as well as a little of my road rage I used to have. But that finished up our week pretty much. 

Thats cool that Abby got called to Ecuador, a good friend from college also a couple of weeks ago got called to your same mission as well. Dr. Pepper is already gone, and I shared a little bit, it was so worth it, for me at least;) Laura´s Christmas stuff has yet ot get here:( but still hoping it will show up. And for birthday. Idk nothing too specific, a card game would be nice, Bang! or Monopoly Deal. But yeah nothing really else. Well that's about it for my email I think haha. I love you all and miss you so much, but life is going good. Just keeps on rolling. Love you all!:)


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