Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last letter from the MTC

Oi! Friends and Family

Well I am off in 2 days to Angola. Crazy that the two months are gone and here I am about to go live in Africa for two years. Not gonna lie I am kind of nervous because its going to be this whole new experience that I know I will grow to love but still, it seems a little daunting. But I know I can do this, and just power through. 

We had a sad moment this last week, one of our elders in our district, Elder Clifford, won't be coming with us when we leave on Monday. He has to have surgery on his shoulder to see whats wrong with it, so that puts him out for two months. He had the choice to go home and pause his mission and get the surgery there, or wait it out here until he has recovered. He chose to stay here for the next few months which I think is really good. We gave him a blessing on Thursday and that was a really spiritual experience for me and then the following day, yesterday, we fasted for him and Elder Rameka to help them in their health needs. It is really sad but we know he will be with us soon, and two months will come by fast. 

Yesterday I got a Dear Elder from my mission president Thompson about how they wished they could be there to meet us, but they are having problems with their visas. So when we get there a Brazilian Senior Couple and the Zone Leaders will pick us up from the airport and take us to the mission home. And then we get a brief orientation and given our first assignment. He already said that we have already been assigned an area and a trainer, so when we get there we will get all that information. Sounds like I will be hitting the ground running when we get there on Wednesday morning. 

Today we started taking the malaria pill, and thats a pill I will be on for the next two years of my life. It's starting to get more and more real. I am grateful for this time here in the MTC, there is no other place than this where I could learn a language this fast to be at least competent when I get to Angola, and a place where my knowledge and testimony of the gospel has grown. Haha I am just so ready to get out there and do my best every day. 

This last week was nothing really special, just wrapped up classes and such. Yesterday we had In-Field Orientation, which is pretty much a big long workshop about important principles out in the field. 

Its sad that I am going to miss Mason and Peyton coming in here by two days. But they will enjoy it. It seems like I have been here forever, but the time has flown by, and I know once I get out in the field that it will come and go even faster. 

Sorry for the short email, there really isn't anything to exciting to write about since all were really doing is packing and preparing to depart. Well I know what I am doing here is the right thing that I need to do to be blessed in the rest of my life. I know that this gospel and church is true, and I am going to go bless the lives of the Angolans in a couple of days. I thank you all for all the support and letters and packages I got here in the MTC. It meant alot and helped me get through these last two months. I love you all, and my next email will be chalk full of everything I experienced in my first couple of days in Angola.


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