Friday, July 6, 2012

3 weeks to go...

Oi! Family and Friends

This week was alright, nothing too big happened. The Fourth of July was two days ago. It was a pretty average day, we had the same schedule up until like 8 O' Clock. Then we had a Fourth of July Fireside which was a former Judge that talked about religious freedom and the advancement of technology after 1820. It was pretty interesting. Then we had some musical numbers, and one was two guys from my BYU ward so that was cool. Then a short program about missionary work all over the world. After the program we got ice cream bars and watched the fireworks from Stadium of Fire outside in the MTC Parking Lot. They were pretty good and I got video and pictures of it too. So that was our Fourth of July, nothing too out of the ordinary.

We had a sub this week because Irma Hart was gone so we had Irmao De Groot, who is a really funny guy and he served in Portugal. He told us some of the things about Portugal and about the Angolan people because he taught tons of Angolan people in Portugal. So it was fun having him as a sub for the week. He is also going to be subbing next week as well because Irma Hart is also gonna be gone again. This past sunday for our fireside this guy named Ted Gibbons did a whole monologue acting out as Willard Richards, Brigham Young's cousin and one of Joseph Smith's closest friends. I learned alot about what the story was around Joseph Smith and being in Carthage and other fascinating facts that I never knew. It was an amazing fireside and an amazing experience that I will never forget becasue it strengthened my testimony of the Prophet so much, and I have such a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The language is getting better, we learn new grammer principles like every day, and yesterday we tried to Fala Sua Linga all day, which was a challenge but it showed me how far I have come in the language in 5 weeks. And I know I will learn the language the most once I get to Angola with the different dialects and such. But it is going better, just trying to keep learning how to explain all the gospel lessons in Portuguese. I also got an ingrown toenail on my right big toe, and I would have already got it taken care of earlier this week but the Podiatrist comes in twice every month and does things for missionaries for free, so he comes in on this coming Wednesday. So I have had to just stick it out till next Wednesday, and it reminded me of all those times in Dr. Petersen's office haha. 

Well not much else to say other than I have three weeks from this coming monday till we travel to Angola, and I can't wait!! Love you all, especially for all the letters and packages that everyone has sent!


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