Friday, July 20, 2012

 Oi! Family and Friends!

So yesterday we finally got our official travel plans! This is my travel itinerary: Fly out of SLC on American Airlines flight 1604 at 8:05 AM on July 30th and arrive in Dallas at 11:40 AM. Then I have a little over 5 hours of a layover in Dallas where I will be able to call my family:) Then we fly out of Dallas at 5:15 PM on British Airways flight 1562 to London where we arrive in London at 8:30 in the morning on July 31st. In London we are there for 12 hours until our next flight. Our next flight out of London is on British Airways flight 77 at 8:20 PM and we arrive in Luanda, Angola at 4:55 AM on August 1st. 

Crazy that its almost time to go, but I'm happy that I am because I am so ready to be out in the Mission Field and just start working. Only 10 days till we travel into a whole new world, new culture, new people, new everything. It will take some time to adjust most likely, but I know that I can do it because I was called there to Preach the Gospel. It's just going to be some exhausting days of traveling haha. On that Monday we have to report at the travel office at 5 in the morning so not so stoked about that, but oh well. 

For letters and packages, if you wanna send more that great, but make sure it would get to me before Friday night, because after that I wouldn't be able to get the mail because it would come after I already left. Also with the Dear Elders, make sure that there in the deadline so it can be sent in on Friday night. I think the deadline is like noonish on Friday to get it in, so any sent after that time I wouldn't be able to get because they would come Monday night and I would be gone, so just a heads up with the mail and the Dear Elders and such. Also next week for my email it will come on Saturday instead of Friday because on Friday we have In-Field Orientation for the whole day so our P-Day got switched over too Saturday, so thats when my last email from the MTC will come:)

Anyways same old same old from this past week here. Really the only thing new and different this week was the travel plans so that was exciting. Thats way exciting for Devon! Congrats to him, he is going to do great in Lima Peru. It's crazy that the time he enters the MTC, I will already have been done with a quarter of my mission. And it sounds like Andrew is having a blast down in Ogden. And now Mason and Peyton are gearing up for their missions as its coming up super fast as well. We're all gonna be great missionaries in our mission fields. And I can't wait to get back together and catch up and swap stories for hours about our missions haha. 

This past Sunday for our fireside we had Jenny Oaks Baker come. She is Elder Oaks daughter, and she is a world-class violinist. She graduated from Juliard, has made the National Symphony, and was just recently nominated for a Grammy. She was so good, she played like 4 or 5 songs for us and her children performed I Am a Child of God for us as well. It was a really cool fireside and amazing how good of a violinist she is. There is a short video on her on under the Media Library talking about her music and her testimony.

Other than that nothing really much else to talk about, except that I am so ready to get out of here. Sorry about the short letter but I don't know what else to really talk about haha. Just know that I love you all and am so thankful for all your support and prayers. It's crazy that two months have already gone by, and I know that once I get in the mission field and start working that time will go by even faster. Only one more email to go here, and then the next one is coming from Angola! Love you all!


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