Monday, April 21, 2014


Oi! Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty good, kind of long, but good. So on Tuesday I showed the Assistants my area because they are taking it over and there were people getting ready for baptism. So that took all day, but it was good, rode in the truck all day. Then at night when all the Elders who were leaving were having their final dinner at President's house, we were invited to stay and eat as well. It was way good, way good ribs and such. Haha weird that will be me here in like 5 weeks. I still don't feel like I'm coming home. It still hasn't hit me and I don't think it will until I have like 3 or 2 weeks left. 

And it also weird walking in this new area, because I feel that stress of having to know my area 100% but then I really don't have to because my companion Elder Marqueza is staying and I'm not. I don't know, it's weird. Speaking of Elder Marqueza, haha he is so funny. I already love him, he is awesome. He is still Mozambican, but he is one of my favorites. It will be a fun 5 weeks, especially with Elder Yeanoplos and Elder Money in the house. 

Last night, me and Elder Money just talked forever about sports and BYU sports. Ah I miss BYU sports, way awesome. Well my Area is pretty cool. Very dirty. But it's cool. People in this area don't like white people that much, I've already been yelled at and such, but I don't care. Just love them. 

This week we are going to have two baptisms which is way cool. Two kids who are 11 and 12, and for some reason haha I'm baptizing one of them, so that's exciting. As well as Deucalino, Ju, and Maria are also getting baptized this Saturday from my old area, so I get to go to that as well, so I'm way excited, so pumped. Just trying to do my best and power it to the end. 

Yeah the Easter video is so awesome, I love it, I can not wait to come home and watch all the new Bible videos, they are so cool. Glad everyone Easter was good. All about the Savior, everything in our lives is centered in Christ. On our way here to the cafe, we were getting ripped on by a 7th day Adventist about Saturday and Sunday. It's just like people, open your eyes! Who cares if it is Saturday or Sunday. It's all about Christ, and will forever be about Christ. That's the gospel, the Atonement. I've said it before and I will forever say it, the thing I learned the most about on my mission is the Atonement, and I still don't even know alot about it. I love the Savior and what he did, and I will try to honor his name as best I can, always. On and after the mission. Well love you guys! Have a great week, and travel safely! Until next week!


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