Monday, April 14, 2014

6 Weeks Dead and Gone

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week went by fine. Elder Castleton despediu tons of people, lots of member dinners and such. Which kind of took a chunk out of our days this week but that's ok. Well for transfer news I'm getting transfered to Luanda 1 also called Terra Nova with Elder Marqueza. He is a Mozambicano who just got here so I'll be finishing up his training this transfer. And I'll be living with Elder Yeanoplos again as well as Elder Money. So offcially I will have served in all the branches here in Luanda. I'm happy and sad for the change. Sad because we were going to have a lot of baptisms this transfer and I have to leave a lot of people that I already love, but I'm happy because Luanda 2 isn't my most favorite branch to work in, and I'll explain why when I get home haha. 

So yep finishing off my mission in a new area, in the most ghetto place of Luanda, and where everything bad usually happens haha. Pray for me! Haha nah I'll be fine. 

This past weekend we had the baptims for Silvio and Monica, way cool. I baptized Silvio and gave the gift of the Holy Ghost to Monica. Way cool experience. And also yes my birthday, it was good, nothing too special. Went to Belas for lunch and I got some sushi, to keep the tradition alive haha. But overall it was good. Made the tye dye cake, turned out good. I would send all these pics I have but for some reason this computer won't read my card, hopefully at the new place where I'll be doing internet will be better. 

I'm kind of ancy as well to read all the talks from conference, just want to know ja. Haha glad that Spring Break went well for everyone. My mind is going to be blown when I see all my siblings again and how old they have gotten haha. Weird weird weird that it's close. But I'm just going to work hard and do my best and these last 6 weeks will fly by haha. Well I love you all, have a good week, and stay as close to the spirit as you can, that's the only way to live!


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