Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

Sorry this is a day late, yesterday we didn't get back until late, and all the internet cafés were closed. But I'll give a brief recap of our weekend. So on Sunday we went over to the mission home, and we prepared our part of the potluck dinner. Had some dinner and then watched conference live, way good. Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Ballard´s talk was really good. As well as I really enjoyed Bishop Stevenson's talk about the Olympics. Well Elder Bednar had just started his talk, and the power went off. And we weren't exactly live with the conference because we paused it so we could eat and all that. So when the power went off, we couldn't go back to his talk or Pres. Monson´s talk. That was too bad. 

So while we were waiting for the afternoon session to start we watched part of the Saturday morning session. And Elder Holland's talk. Wow. haha hit home for me hard. I can't even explain it, just those kinds of talks that just hit you personally. Way good talk. Then we watched the afternoon session live, and then slept at the mission home. 

Woke up the next morning went all the way out to the safari place. We were late so they sent one of the their drivers home so they only had one truck. So the people who never went, went on the truck, and the rest of us went on a boat ride in the river. It was cool, didn't see much, but a cool experience. Then the long trek home. Very fun weekend though. 

Already this morning we taught Maria, a sister to a member who is progressing really well to her baptism on the 26th of April as well as we taught José, a son of a member, where we had a really good lesson with him on the Word of Wisdom because he has some troubles with smoking and drinking. 

This is Elder Castleton's last week, crazy, last week of the transfer. Next P Day I'll find out my last companion. Nervous to see who it is. But overall life is good with me. This Saturday we also have two baptisms in Silvio and Monica, we are excited. It's starting to hit me lil by lil that I'm going home. It's weird. 

But thank you to everyone who sent me Bday wishes. Can't believe I'm turning 21 in two days. Love you all! Study the words of this past conference and I promise you, you will find peace and answers to your problems. Hope you all have an awesome week!


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