Monday, November 4, 2013

On to the Next

OI! Family and Friends,

This week was good. The first half of the week was mostly cleaning the house and doing visits with Elder Cafferty and then on Thursday Elder Wilhelm and Elder Andre came. Also last Pday we went to this pretty cool waterfall that you will see some pics of that I send this week. That was cool. Anyways, Elder Andre is cool, he speaks no English so it's just Portuguese all the time, which will probably be for my good so I can speak better. But I won't lie, it's difficult. Having him just go straight from being a member to a missionary without passing through the MTC yet is hard. Not obedience wise or anything, he is solid on that, but teaching and missionary work wise, which he isn't to blame because he just doesn't know. So I'm doing my best to give him a good example and training him. And I don't know what will happen to me
when he gets his visa, we shall see. 

This week was good. We found some new families, which built my faith because I was fasting to find some more families, and it does show that the Lord immediately blesses you when you have faith in him. Speaking of fasting, I had just had my 18th Fast Sunday on the mission. Crazy. 3/4 done with those and only 6 more to go, it's unreal. We will see how this transfer turns out, I'm sure it will be a good one. 

Oh yeah, also awesome remember Danilson´s family, like my family, my golden family. Well on Saturday the two sons got baptized John and Toni, and then here on the 16th the daughter Danilsa and Danilson´s sister Emelia will be baptized. And then when Danilson and Isabel get married then they will be baptized. I was sooooooo happy. I worked so hard with them, and I love them so much, they are going to become an eternal family one day,
and I cant wait to go back and visit with them. They are an awesome family, and I've really seen the fruits of my work in Benfica, all that hard work where it seemed it was not going to go anywhere, I'll have 10 converts there. And I never thought that would have been possible, but it's like the Lord says, by small and simple things are the great things brought to pass. And I really do have a testimony of that promise. 

Welllll, also I really miss you guys. I can't believe Ive been
away for so long already, and I can't wait to be back home. But I'm
going to enjoy that bit of time I have out here. And for the HEFY
thing I think if I don't get the Cabo Verde thing or Brazil, I don't
think I want to go. I would only like to go there because of
Portuguese and if it's some other place I think I would rather just
spend my time home, Idk though. Well I love you all, have the bestest week! And we will be going to concerts when I get back ;) haha.


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