Monday, November 11, 2013

Good Week

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was very good. To start off the week last Pday we went to Tundavala, my first time. And it's way cool. Very very pretty, and you just get reflecting on the beauty of the Earth and appreciating the things that God has created. It's such a wonderful reflection to make, way cool. 

This week lessons have been good, a bit frustrating sometimes with Elder Andre but its getting better. Cool thing though is that this Saturday Zecarlos is going to get baptized! So cool, and he chose me to baptize him so that's way awesome. Can't wait for that this Saturday. 

On Thursday we had an activity with the branch, and I was in charge of the spiritual thought so I did a thought on the Atonement. I used the Rubix cube and I brought someone up to the front. I said that the perfect rubix cube was him after baptism, but he sins, then he sins again, then again and again, just twisting the rubix cube up. And then I gave it to him to solve, to put it back together because to get into the Celestial Kingdom, you have to be clean. He couldn't do it. So I offered him to help him just because I loved him. So I did it and related it to the Atonement, how by ourselves we can't get to the Celestial Kingdom, but we absolutely need Christ. Then I gave everyone those small rubix cubes, and sometimes I had to give seconds because they would absolutely destroy them into pieces, haha it was fun, this branch is awesome although disorganized. But we're doing good. 

Went on a division with Elder Wilhelm on Saturday, which was really good, help destress me a bit. Yesterday was GC in portuguese which is really hard not to get bored. Also I was having a hard time yesterday, but the scriptures really picked me up, I love the power of the scriptures. Yeah its only us four in the house down here in Lubango. And yeah I can understand Elder Andre. And that's too bad about the HEFY, but oh well, it alright, I will enjoy being home. Anyways yeah its crazy that its this time of the year again, Miss you all like crazy but its only a short more while. Love you all and have a great week!


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