Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Week

Oi Family and Friends,

This week went good, and went by pretty fast. We had some good
lessons, I'm blanking though on the lessons we did have. We had
Zecarlos baptism this past Saturday though, and it was awesome, I got to baptize him and Elder Andre confirmed him. He is so awesome even though he is lacking self confidence in himself. He is a very humble guy and has taught me alot about humility and self control. I can't wait to just talk and talk and tell stories about all these people and just the things that I've done here. 

But the branch here can be frustrating at times. First off it is a little disorganized. Second our members, love them to death, can be frustrating at times. For most of them, the church is not the top priorities in their lives. They don't do their callings, show up to everything late, and don't show up for things like baptisms. We started the baptism reuniao 35 min late and all that were there was us 4 missionaries, Zecarlos and his son, and President Marques. It was so sad and we were so frustrated with our members, because we invited everyone. I'm seriously taking back a huge testimony of church organization and church meetings and callings and all that. It will be nice getting back to an organized ward and stake and all that. 

Anyways there's these kids in Zecarlos neighborhood that love us and I have so many pics and videos of them. They would do stuff for the camera and then all huddle up around me and just laugh their heads off. Haha I love African children. 

Hmm what else what else. I don't know if I told you guys but in 2 weeks we're going up to Luanda for a Mission Conference with Elder and Sister Hamilton of the 70 so were really excited about that. Not the 19 hour bus ride, but it will still be fun. I'm loving living with Elder Wilhelm again. This is our 5th transfer together in the same house and he is one my really good friends out here. He is awesome, love him to death. 

But yeah that's pretty much all I got to say. That's so sick for BYU Bball and football. Hope they both keep it up. GOSH I miss it so bad. But only 6 months. Love you all, can't wait to talk to you guys here in a month, gonna be sweet. Have a great week!!


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