Monday, May 13, 2013

The End of Another Transfer

Oi Family and Friends!

Another transfer down in the books, for the 7th time, wow! Well for me, nothing changes too much. I'm still in Benfica B with Elder Tingey but the people I live with switched up a little bit. We got AP's and they are Elder Wilhelm, who already lived in the house with us as a zone leader, and Elder Mariquele and they will be in our house in Benfica C. Then we got a new zone leader Elder Hobbs to be with Elder Harper. So Elder Hobbs and Elder Mariquele will move in and Elder Chandler will leave. And I also might be the district leader, but I'm not too sure yet. But yeah, Im pumped for this transfer. 

We could possibly have 5 baptisms this transfer, with two for sure baptisms with Arnaldo and Amareldo. They are progressing super well and I'm like a 100% positive that they will get baptized on the 15th of June, so we shall see.... And then the other three have a little more work to do , but they can get there I believe it. 

This week, started off crazy. We had an 8 lesson day on Tuesday. The most I've ever had in one single day, it was a crazy day. So crazy and a hard day but a rewarding day. Then the rest of the week kind of pittered and pattered but it was alright. We set some more baptismal dates with those other three so it was really good. We just got to find some more people this week to fill our pool up. Hopefully through references and members we can really get this going. We also met some crazy people this week, which were interesting but it's what you get for walking all the time everywhere. 

Then Mother's Day was awesome because of skyping with the family:) It was so good! Time is going by fast, and this next year will fly by for sure. The Pebble Beach trip sounded really cool, especially to play. I miss golfing and just getting out on the course with Dad. San Juan Hills next year, mark a tee time down haha. There's not too much to say after skyping. 

We went to a museum so I got a lot of pics of that. I have tons of pics to send, but I can't this week so next week expect a lot haha. Also today when we went to Belas Shopping we passed a movie cut out for the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, it looks so sick, put that on my list for sure haha. Really cool to see everyone and hear how summer is already coming again. I'm really excited for this transfer and can't wait to see what happens in the coming 6 weeks. It will be sad to say goodbye to the Thompson's next week, and weird that the Merrill's come in 6 weeks but it will be cool. Change is good. Oh also gave the BoM to Arnaldo because he speaks English too, so he has an English one and a Portuguese one now. Well that's all for this week, can't think of any cool stories that went down this week. Love you all and thanks for the support!


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