Monday, May 6, 2013

Last week of transfer

Oi Family and Friends!

Last week of the transfer coming up here, pretty crazy. This week has went by pretty well. Monday after emails the Nosso Super got another shipment of American things, like Pop Tarts, and Hershey Syrup, artichoke hearts, pancake mix, apple jacks, etc. Super good!

Tuesday we had a good day as well, where we ended up at Zinga's house for the last appointment of the day. She made us this cuttle fish stew thing which was super good. Then we taught her a lesson about the temple, it's just always super fun going over there and being with them. Then she gave us a ride home, which was kind of scary because is not a very good driver. Elder Tingey was scared. I shot a video and made it into like a safari video which is kind of stupid, because I'm kind of a dork, but haha oh well, the little things keep you sane out here. Speaking of which I'm taking alot more movies since I have so many cards to use so that's cool. 

Hmm what else happened this week. Oh we finally met and sat with one of our investigators who always comes to church but we haven't been able to sit with him. But we finally did, twice. He is super cool, his name is Arnaldo, and hopefully his wife will come around to. He will get baptized, the wife we're going to try really hard with that. And Amareldo, man what swag that guy has. I wish you could see him, he has so much swag, and man I love him haha. He is doing good, going to set up a Baptismal date for him this week so that will be sick. 

Also this week we had a moustache Bang night. Haha the ones from the package, and it was super fun haha. Just the little things that get you by day by day haha. We also picked up a new investigator named Maria. She seems really cool, the only problem is she isn't married and her husband has three other women... Africa for ya. 

This week we were trying to get in contact with this guy named Jerry. He is a pastor or something at the Chinese Universal Church, that no one goes to. So he just sits around all day reading the bible. Well we called him to talk to him and someone else picked up and got all angry and said that Jerry was already a pastor and a missionary so just leave him and alone and such and hangs up the phone. I look at Elder Tingey and said, were going to go give him a Book of Mormon. So we did, and hopefully that sparks something. 

Yesterday was the crazy day. We had church, it was hectic and stressful for some reason. But anyways we didn't know who we were eating lunch with, all of the sudden we're packed into this small Chevy spark with two kids with us in the back seat, so packed with us three. Well, we're going and then we get into an accident, right in front of the cops.... greatttt. Nothing serious, just rear ended someone, got a mini whiplash but that's all. Well we sit on the side of the road with these crazy African children for an hour, an hour too long. 

Anyways we finally get out to Kilamba, and eat with Josemar and Cecilia, such a funny couple. I love them. Well since Kilamba is way out there we got a ride back with Josemar, but first we had to go with him to a home teaching appointment. It was out in the sticks, holy cow, and there was so much dirt, so much. And we were in this small green car with four people in it. If he ever stopped we would get stuck. Craziest ride there and back of my life, sliding everywhere, weaving in between cars and motos, holy cow. But we made it out alive, it was a weird day. Seems like everything is going good at home. Skype this Sunday, 4 pm my time, I'm doing it at the Thompson's, so that will be sweet. Life is just going pretty good. We are in May, weird, and yeah. Love you all and keep doing well!


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