Monday, March 4, 2013

New Everything

Oi! Family and friends!

This week has been very interesting. So I got to Benfica on Wednesday. The house is the best house of all the missionaries, for sure. We have hot water, tons and tons of closet and drawer space. Just tons of space. So it's nice to come home and always have energy, a nice big kitchen etc. So the house is the bomb. 

Our area is so so. We just have a lot of so so investigators who won't make it to church alot. So every day from 10 to 12 we go contacting. Haha we are actually knocking doors, something I didn't think I would do here in Luanda. But first door we knock, this lady invites us in, brings her nephew and son over and we sit and talk a little bit. Gives us water and we gave them copies of the Book of Mormon. So we are going to sit with them tomorrow so hopefully this will be the starting point of the turnaround for this area. 

Other than that, we did alot of walking this week. Our area is kind of spread out, but it's ok, walking is good. We take taxis, but alot of it is walking. Benfica is like right on the ocean so it's cool on taxi rides to drive by the ocean and such. Elder Davis is really cool, he is excited to go home in 4 weeks, but he still works hard and he is not trying to think about it as much as possible. In our house there is me, Elder Davis, Elder Ndala until he gets his visa, Elder Harper, and Elder Perry. And our house is the closest to the Thompson´s house. The branch is really cool, it's seriously the most legit and organized branch out here because of the Branch President Sebastiao. We actually have meetings, a program, etc. It's so great. 

Yes I got my bday package so I will open that up in a month, And I will take pics of me with it. And yeah sorry, no pictures this week because we didn't have energy so I couldn't use the copier. It does feel a little weird in a new area, but I already love it. 

Glad Keller is doing well in volleyball, Kaden is enjoying life, and Ridgely is finishing up Senior year. Well I've really felt this past week the spiritual strength I needed to keep my head above water in this area, and I know it will get easier and easier as the time increases. I should have some cooler stories next week once I really get to know some of our investigators. On a side note, I did buy a really cool red and black Dodgers hat haha. Well thanks for all the support and love!! Love you all!!


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