Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey It's March!

Oi Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty good, and a blur. We had some good lessons, so so lessons, etc. We are really hitting hard on finding and contacting and that's beginning to yield some results. Like Sergio and Fide, they are so cool, we only sat with them once, but when we sat with them they had already read a good portion of the beginning of the Book of Mormon and were able to talk about Moroni´s visits to Joseph Smith, and asked questions about the first couple of chapters of Nephi. It was so cool and was such an amazing lesson. 

This past week it was also just me and Elder Davis, Elder Ndala got emergency transfer out, and Elder Tingy and Elder Walker moved back in. Out here in Benfica its just as hot as Viana but maybe a little cooler because of the ocean breeze. 

Yesterday kind of stunk because no investigators showed up to church, which is going to be our focus this week. But we ate at President Sebastiao´s house which was super fun and funny. Haha he is so funny, I love him. I'm also mad at myself because I forgot to put my photo card in my backpack this morning, sorry mom:( 

But I finally did remember these things that I should have talked about a couple of weeks ago. First my last Sunday in Viana I gave a Sacrament talk, I was so nervous but I did it, and I thought it was alright haha. Second, I realized my drivers license expires pretty soon, just a heads up Mom and Dad. Third, our branch has a facebook page, Ramo Benfica Luanda-Angola, I already have a picture of me up there from the district conference. Lastly, I would like a guacomole recipe haha. 

And right now Party Rock Anthem just started playing in this internet cafe in the middle of Africa, haha. Well that's really cool that Ridgely and Anna are rooming, I've met her plenty of times up in Utah, those two should have fun. What dorms are they staying in? Sounds like everyone is doing good. 

I love you mom, thanks for the spirtual thought and all the little adventures and such you have;) Well I love you all! Crazy I turn 20 in a month, seems like yesterday I was having sushi with Laura in Provo. Loving it out here, even though it gets hard living wise, Spirtually I'm just growing and I don't want to stop. Until next week.


P.S. Missionaries can now email family, friends, and priesthood leaders, new church policy.

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