Monday, February 25, 2013

Transfers/New Area

Oi Family and Friends!

Well to start off, transfers. I am finally being transferred. It's kind of a relief. I'm being transferred to Benfica with Elder Davis who only has 5 weeks left on his mission. So I'm finally leaving Viana. I've been to the Benfica house once and it's a really nice house so that luckily won't be a stress. We will see how it turns out, this next transfer is only 5 weeks so it will seem to go by fast and then next transfer I will have a new companion again. Anyways that's that. Elder McAllister is staying in Viana B and he is training! Super cool, he will rock it. Anyways yeah. 

So this past Tuesday we found out officially about the new mission. President Thompson called us in the morning and we were all freaking out, but we didn't find out who the mission president was until Saturday at the baptisms. We were all thinking it would be President Thompson, and we were shocked that it was some random person, but we're all excited and stoked to see how everything shakes out. This mission from right now until I leave is going to chaneg dramatically and I'm excited to watch what happens. 

This week was good. Some highlights, saw and took pictures of a monkey, opened up a metal bottle cap with my teeth just like an Angolan, a lot of cool tender mercies from our Heavenly Father, and bunch of other stuff. Although this week was really hard. Numbers wise, it just wasn't good at all. But we pushed through it and now a new transfer is here. Nathaneil and his two sons got baptized this last week. Me and Elder Richter found him back in November and now he finally got baptized, it was so cool. He is a very good man and very cool as well. He is going to be a very special servant for the Lord throughout his life. 

Yeah so about videos, I'm not going to video myself that much just because in the future I'm not going to want to see videos all about me but videos of just the mission. So yeah obviously I'll be in some of the videos but not in a lot of them. And the pics of all the trash and such have a story to them. It's when we had no energy or water or anything for like 12 days. 

Viana was a good chapter in my life, but now its time to move on. It's going to be weird not living with Elder McAllister. We have been together for 4 transfers in the same house so it's going to be strange. 

All your guys week sounded way amazing, congrats to Ridgely on getting into BYU!! Whooo Hoo!! Glad Kaden had a good brithday, and Keller is having fun in volleyball. I can't wait to go to the San Diego Temple and do a session there, one of the things I'm for sure doing when I get home. That is so cool that Ziggy is a projected Top 5 pick, is he really that good? Where do you think he is going? Well that's all I can think of right now. Have a good week and keep going strong! Love you all!


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