Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Email

Oi Family and Friends,

This email is gonna be kinda short cuz the internet has been sucking here, so no pictures this week. But I will write fast. This last week was really good, but unfortunately two of our solid investigators are slipping. But we will work even harder to get them back on the right track. 

This last week we had a really cool zone conference with Elder Hartman who is a mental health person for the church. We talked alot about personalities and how they work with the mission, and how we can use our knowledge of our personalities to get better as a missionary. It was super cool, I was a primary color white (which means peaceful) with a secondary blue. 

I also went on divisions with Elder Sande on Friday which was a little difficult because no one wanted to sit with us that day. But we did teach this Ethiopian who speaks English and it sounds like he is really going to sincerely try to see if this is all true. We also on Saturday got threatened by this old guy. We were contacting this guy and this old guy on a cane started yelling at us and at the guy talking to us because we were foreigners. He had a nice big rock in his hands and wanted to throw it at us but we just walked away. And unfortunately Elder Eckman and Elder Wilhelm got robbed on Saturday. It's Elder Wilhelm's second time in 6 months and his second camera stolen which is pretty sad. I feel for him. 

Also Paulinhos baptism is this Saturday so there will be pictures of that next week. Sorry this is scatterbrained. Yesterday was the ward's primary program which was pretty funny to compare to one in the states but it was good. Also we have district conference this next weekend and I'm singing in the choir for one of the sessions haha so we will see how that goes. 

Well thats all I can remember right now. Sounds like Dad and Mom are having a blast traveling, Keller is growing to fast, Kaden is good, and Ridgely is actually missing me;) haha. Christmas is coming fast. For pictures it could be of anything really, just random pictures. Anyways I love you guys and next email will be a lot better than this, sorry, dang angolan internet haha. Love you guys!!!


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