Monday, November 19, 2012

Mais ou Menos Week

Oi Family and Friends,

This week was interesting. Well I will first start off with 

Paulinho´s baptism. So we get there and first off the font isn't really filled, because someone forgot. So we had to fill the font with water from the well. Took alot of bucket trips haha. Also the person who was supposed to baptize Paulinho, who was Amandio, he couldn't make it. So I had to do it. Man I was so nervous, especially since I was unprepared since I didn't bring any of my baptismal clothing or change of clothes or anything, as well I didn't know the baptismal prayer in Portuguese yet. But it all worked out, and it was super cool and spiritual and something I will never forget, so that was super cool. 

Right now its been a little tough with the lessons and things with these contacts, because half always fall through and just waste a part of our day but were trying our best. There is this Ethiopian guy who we are teaching in English and he is so super prepared it blows my mind. He has so much faith, and it was just by chance we met him. Our second lesson with us, he called us Angels... Wow that really touched me and how important this work is. He said the closing prayer for that lesson and was tearing up during it. We set a baptismal date on the 15th of December and he will make it, as long as he comes to church, super cool. 

On Friday it was boiling hot, lessons fell through, I slipped and got my foot up to my ankle in mud, haha but it was good day. It has a rained a couple of days here, and it rains hard. Nothing else like it. Also I am going to miss the sunsets here and the skies at those times, they are indescribable, it's so beautiful. 

For Thanksgiving, I don't know what were going to do. Rumor is that all the missionaries are going to Presidents house for Thanksgiving but I guess we will find out. And yeah if I am still in Viana for this next transfer for Christmas were going to Elder Richter´s American friends house to eat and do skype and all that so we will see. 

Seems like BYU sports are going down the tubes, but that's ok, when I get back they will get back to dominance;) Seems like you guys always go to Vegas now haha. And that's really cool that you met that football player at that play. Sounds like the boys had a lot of fun at the campout and was passed out for the rest of the day haha. 

Mission life just keeps on going. It will be interesting to see how long I actually stick it out here in Viana. Did you guys get that small video I sent? Can't wait to get the packages:) Love you guys and miss you all!


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