Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Week Passes

Oi! Family and Friends.

This week went by pretty fast, and were already almost halfway through this transfer. Time does fly here. This week was a pretty mellow week considering Angolan standards. There was this one lady who stopped us on the street who wanted us to marry her and take her to America, haha some people here can be really funny. 

So my day usually is wake up at 7 because for this mission we wake up at 7 rather than 6:30, and studies and getting ready till like 12ish to 1ish. Then were out the rest of the day until about 9ish is when we usually get back. Then we just have planning and then we can go to bed whenever. On P Days we leave at 7:30 and it takes about an hour and a half to get to the mission home. All the missionaries in Luanda go to the mission home on P Days to play soccer and and see each other. Then we leave, shop, and get home. Then we come and email for an hour and then P Day is over at 6:30, where then we go to Family Night to end our day. 

Sleeping is alright, my mattress is way too hard for me, so I wake up a couple times a night, but the net is fine. Its hard to explain but its draped over this contraption that it doesn't feel like I'm sleeping in a net. The bugs here aren't that bad. I have a couple bites here and there but that's typical, there really isn't that much. 

One thing that I hear now and again is American music in taxis or houses and it brings up a random memory of home or friends which I love. Also you see the most random articles of clothing like a Texas Longhorns Hat or an AYSO soccer jersey, just the most random combinations. 

Me and my comp get together fine, like we have no problems which is super good. He is from Wyoming, and lived a pretty different life than I did. The language is coming, I am starting to generally get what people are saying and I can speak alright, it just comes with time.  Money wise, I really dont know about that. We get paid twice a month, and I never run out, and whenever I use the mission debit card for a store and ATM it works fine so it's working out for me. 

President Thompson is supposed to be coming by at least the end of this week so everyone is pretty excited about that. For the Post Office, I never have gone there, the Zone Leaders pick up the mail and packages and such, and I guess they mail stuff as well but I am not sure because I haven't tried sending anything yet. 

I also think about when I get home that I will think I will be living the life of luxury. Some of us missionaries were talking about all the differences that there is going to be when we get back, its gonna be super crazy. 

I am also super stoked on the Lakers right now with Howard and just everyone, and with the BYU Football Season starting up. I can see your pictures mom on emails, and all I have gotten so far through the postal system is package #2, and a letter from Grandpa and Grandma Benham, I haven´t gotten anything yet from Laura or anything else from you guys, so maybe next week. 

With the Kids, I hope there getting super excited for school;) and hope there enjoying there last few weeks of summer. And that's super cool Kaden that your the new secretary! Well I hope all is well from everyone back home, sounds like you guys are having fun at LA and all sorts of places. Love you guys!


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