Monday, May 12, 2014

What up!

Oi Family and Friends,

As these last couple of days are rolling to a close, I've been very unmotivated to write alot in my emails haha. But life is good. Mother's Days was way cool talking to my family and such. So weird that I'm seeing you so soon. 

This past Saturday I got to baptize one of my old investigators from my last transfer, Arsenio. Such a funny guy. Always remember him. We have mission conference coming up this next week with Pres. Renlund so that will be way cool. Only have one week to apply what I learn but it will still be good. And because our mission conference is on Monday our Pday next week will be on Tuesday. So I'll do emails and all that good stuff on tuesday next week. 

We've been working alot with recent converts and less actives this past week, and it's something we have been focusing on. Like this past Sunday, we had two of our less actives show up which was way cool. We were excited. Every soul is precious, even when numbers don't show it, there just as important as investigators. 

But life is going good. I'm a bit nervous to come home and have a whole culture shock and life shock, but it will be good, I'm excited too. Sorry this email is short, but my brain is mush, we played a soccer tournament in our zone this morning and I'm way tired. But we won the championship so it's all good. But I love you all, can't wait to see everyone! Have a good week! Stay close to the Savior always!


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