Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Keep on Going

Oi! Famiy and Friends,

This week was alright. Haha life has been a little rough as of late. The area is going slow, the branch is kind of falling apart, just good ol Angola haha. But it's all good. Something that also has been impeding the work a little bit is the rain. Its been raining a bunch as of late. And Angolans and rain don't mix. For example our branch only had 83 people show up because it rained that morning. Ai. It can be frustrating at times. So because of rain, two of the days this week, all of our compromissios dropped. But life goes on. 

One cool story that happened is that we met an old lady, who is a member who can't leave her house because she is completely blind. Her name is Celeste, and her house, even though it was just like any other Angolan house, it reminded me of Grandma's house. And she was so funny and sweet. The church leaders have pretty much forgotten her, she hasn't gotten a visit in forever. So were going to start passing by once a week to just talk her. She has already been through the temple and she still wears her garments, and doesn't let anyone else wash them. Way faithful member, she is just old and blind and can't remember everything all the time. But it was way cool to sit with her. 

We also found a new guy named Leandro, who came to church for the first time this past Sunday so that's also exciting. But life is going good. Elder Marqueza and me are doing great, he is a funny lil guy, and I don't know why but all natives love to play and repeat over and over again the same music. 

So for Mothers Day were planning on doing it at President's house at 5 pm our time. So I don't know what time that is there, so you guys can figure that out. Weird that I pretty much only have 3 weeks left. Kind of surreal. But life keeps going on, to bigger and better things. Love this Gospel, love my Savior and my Heavenly Father, even though I'm weak and falter, they are there for me every step of the way. Love you all and have a good week!


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