Monday, February 3, 2014


Oi! Family and Friends,

In advance I apologize that this letter is going to be short. It's going to be short because Elder Cafferty was sick and we stayed home for like 3 or 4 days. So I just have a little to write about. But the week was good. Elder Cafferty is healthy again finally so this coming week is going to be awesome, I have faith that it will. Pretty much the only thing that happened with me this week is that I went on a division with Elder Stewart in Terra Nova. So I got to stay over at the Terra Nova house. It was cool walking around in Terra Nova. It was the only branch area in all of Angola that I hadn't walked in, so it was cool. And Elder Stewart is really cool and fun to talk to, we had a good time. 

Then at night me, Elder Stewart, Elder Montgomery, and Elder Garcia just talked so deeply about the gospel. And we were so into it that we stayed up until 12:30... oops haha. But it was a really fun division. I love those three elders, I wish I could live with them but I also love my house of Elder Caffety, Elder Domingos and Elder Yeanoplos. 

But with this time of sitting around allowed me to study alot and just reflect on what my mission has already done for me, and what I want to get done in these last couple of months. I know my Heavenly Father Loves me and is always there for me. I just want to know everything there is to know about the gospel haha. But I'm just going to give it all I got these last couple of months. My mission has saved my life, and I'm so grateful for my mission. I'm so grateful for the testimony I have this great work, what a great foundation and rock that I have in my life to lean upon. Our life here on earth is a privilege and a blessing. Even when life is really hard, we chose to be here, so we can learn and progress, and be come more like our Heavenly Father. 

I love you all and miss you all very much. Can't believe this is all winding down. But everything comes to an end someday. Congrats to Kell on making JV, hope he has a great season. And crazy that the Seahawks just trashed. Pete Carroll man. Anyways, Love you all, and have the best week!!!


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